The Jedi and Sith have long used lightsaber combat as the favored fighting style. It is almost neccesary to know how to use a lightsaber to be an excellent Jedi. The original combat, based on more conventional swordplay evolved into seven common forms, I: Shii-Cho, II: Makashi, III: Soresu, IV: Ataru, V: Shien/Djem So, VI: Niman, VII: Juyo/Vaapad. Jedi learn elements from all forms, but it is very difficult to master them all. Traditional sword techniques (attack/defence) were featured in all forms

Other FormsEdit

These were techniques or styles mostly based off of other forms. Form "Zero" encouraged as little lightsaber use as possible.

  • Sokan - using terrain to one's advantage
  • Shien - attacking many foes at once with wide, sweeping strokes and an underhand grip
  • Jar'Kai - two-handed lightsaber combat, using one blade for attack, another for defense
  • Lus-ma - only once mentioned, used by Grievous' MagnaGuards
  • Form "Zero" - avoiding combat when not necessary
  • Dun Möch - distracting and taunting an opponent, a Sith technique
  • Telekinetic lightsaber combat
  • Trispzest - a type of aerial dueling
  • Mounted lightsaber combat
  • Double-bladed lightsaber combat
  • Lightwhip combat
  • Tràkata - taking advantage of a lightsaber's ability to be turned quickly on and off

Styles of the New Jedi OrderEdit

These styles were based on speed and strength


These terms apply to lightsaber combat

Contact TermsEdit

Cho MaiEdit

Cutting off an opponent's weapon hand. This was famously demonstrated on Bespin by Darth Vader against Luke Skywalker

Cho MokEdit

Cutting off an opponent's limb. This was used by Luke Skywalker on a female Wampa on Hoth

Cho SunEdit

Cutting off an opponent's weapon arm. Obi-Wan Kenobi used this on Ponda Baba on Tatooine.

Sai ChaEdit

Cutting off an opponent's head. Mace Windu killed Jango Fett in this way.

Sai TokEdit

Cutting an opponent in half. Obi-Wan killed Darth Maul in this fashion


Stabbing an opponent. Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon Gin by stabbing him through the chest


A minute wound using the edge of the blade against an opponent. Asajj Ventress maimed Anakin Skywalker with this technique

Sun DjemEdit

Deprived the weapon from the opponent. Count Dooku cut Asajj Ventress's blades in half after applying Sun Djem.

Mou KeiEdit

To dismember an opponent with a circular opponent.
Obi-Wan Kenobi used this on Mustafar against Anakin Skywalker.



Jung MaEdit




Flowing WaterEdit

Falling LeafEdit

Alter DamageEdit

Saber BarrierEdit

Saber ThrowEdit

Spinning AttackEdit

Physical CombatEdit

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