Darth Vader
Vader in Episode V
Birthplace Tatooine
Birthdate 41.9 BBY
Age Unknown
Blood type Unknown (Midi-chlorian Count: Approx. 20,000+)
Weapon Lightsaber
Fighting style Form V: Djem So
Family Mother, Shmi Skywalker (deceased)
Wife, Padmé Amidala (deceased)
Son, Luke Skywalker
Daughter, Leia Organa
Apprentice, Galen Marek
(deceased, as of
The Force Unleashed)
Appears in Episode games
The Force Unleashed
First game Episode IV
English voice actor Matt Sloan: TFU
James Earl Jones (voice: IV-VI)
Live action actor(s) James Prowse

See Anakin Skywalker for more

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